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McDonald’s In Oklahoma City Exposed For Using Human And Horse Meat In Burgers Is Fake News

A McDonald’s outlet in Oklahoma City being caught using horse meat and human meat in their freezers for their burgers is fake news. There is no truth to reports that the Oklahoma City McDonald’s franchise was found to be adding horse meat and human meat into their menu.

Where did this fake news originate? The claims of the Oklahoma City McDonald’s using horse meat and human meat originated with a March 27, 2014 article published by the Huzlers web site:

First Horse meat, then the mysterious “Pink slime”, Now Human meat? A shocking discovery has been made in an Oklahoma City McDonald’s meat factory and other McDonald’s meat factories nationwide. Meat inspectors reportedly found, what appeared to be, Human meat stored in the meat factory freezers of an Oklahoma City meat factory and human meat already in trucks right outside the factory ready to be shipped to McDonald’s restaurants. Health inspectors immediately demanded inspection in various McDonald’s meat factories across the country and horrifyingly found human meat in about 90% of the factories inspected thus far.

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has seized McDonald’s production and shipping and will call for more meat factory inspections and restaurant inspections. The FBI is also investigating the factories. FBI agent Lloyd Harrison told Huzler reporters “The worst part is that it’s not only human meat, it’s child meat. the body parts that were found across the U.S. factories were deemed to small to be adult body parts, this is truly horrible”.

The situation brings up many unanswered questions. How long have they been using human meat? Where did they get the children from? Were they already dead when brought into factories? Investigators and Inspectors are currently being deployed for intensive investigations all around the U.S.

However, there is no truth to the above story, according to Snopes.


Rather, the above story is a spoof from the Huzlers web site, which offers users the ability to “Create your own news prank and trick your friends by sharing it.” Thus, it is easy for anyone to make up their own “news articles” and share them on social media.

Here are some examples of people sharing the fake news on social media.

Huzlers has a history of publishing fabricated news stories. The Huzlers site also carries a disclaimer on its pages noting that “Huzlers.com is a combination of real shocking news and satire news to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief” and is listed in our article about “5 Fake News Sites to Avoid Sharing.”

Snopes reported that there has been no citation made to McDonald’s operation for having bought, sold, processed, or used either horse meat or human meat for food purposes.

What did you think of the fake news that a McDonald’s in Oklahoma City was using horse meat and human meat? Did you believe it or see people sharing it falsely on social media? Let us know in the comments section.

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