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‘Tiny machines’ scientists win chemistry Nobel

Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Fraser Stoddart and Bernard Feringa shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry on Wednesday for their work developing tiny machines at the molecular level, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said. The academy said the trio’s research designing and synthesizing molecular machines “will most likely be used in the …

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THE AGONIZING TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY CLINTON AND BARACK OBAMA The facts are, and they should be very troublesome for Americans, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not angry with terrorists or our enemies, particularly in Iran and Cuba. Obama tangos and golfs through terror attacks in Europe and beheadings …

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Pouring Molten Copper Into A Coconut Creates A Very Weird Reaction

The eagerly anticipated sequel to “Molten Copper vs Coconut Part 1” has arrived: “Molten Copper vs Coconut Part 2!” Due to popular demand, YouTuber Tito4re is back pouring molten copper into coconuts, this time without the coconut water. The results are surprisingly interesting, with the molten copper turning the coconut …

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New theory about finding aliens

Two scientists have an idea for how we could find aliens. All we would really to need to do is focus on a different sense. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) explains. Buzz60

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SpaceX delays Falcon 9 rocket launch again

CAPE CANAVERAL — SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket continues to sit on a pad at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station after the company scrubbed its fourth launch attempt Tuesday. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that upper-level winds were to blame, making Friday the next available opportunity to launch the …

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Even Water Pitchers Have Wi-Fi Now

The Machines Have Won: Even Water Pitchers Have Wi-Fi Now – Newsy Amazon and Brita have teamed up to create a $45 water filtration pitcher. It’s $45 because it connects to Wi-Fi. Why Wi-Fi? This Brita pitcher links up with Amazon and automatically places an order for a new filter …

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